Wellness hotel in Umbria

Find Complete Wellness at the Park Hotel ai Cappuccini

For those seeking a holistic wellness experience in Italy’s green heart, the Park Hotel ai Cappuccini is an oasis of serenity and renewal . This former 17th century monastery in Umbria has been meticulously restored into a contemporary retreat where guests can relax, restore and reconnect .

Just a short drive from medieval Gubbio, the hotel is surrounded by the tranquil Umbrian countryside. The extensive grounds feature lush gardens, ancient olive groves and wandering paths ideal for mindful walks. This peaceful natural setting begins your journey toward inner calm.

Within the historic stone walls, a harmonious blend of old and new promotes relaxation. Guest rooms combine original details with modern amenities for unencumbered rest. Communal spaces decorated with local art foster socializing by the fireplace. The dining hall’s vaulted ceilings and regional cuisine provide an authentic yet comfortable experience.

At the core of the wellness program is the Marc Mességué method . This integrative system utilizes phytotherapy, diet, massage and hydrotherapy to holistically improve health. Customized herbal remedies, lymph drainage, mud treatments and other spa services detoxify and rejuvenate from the inside out.

Healthy local cuisine, cooking classes and nutritional guidance compliment the therapies. Yoga, pilates, personal training and other activities maintain strength and flexibility. Ongoing medical supervision ensures safe, effective results.

For those seeking specialized support, the hotel provides customized wellness packages:

The Remise en Forme program helps guests rediscover vitality through detoxifying spa therapies, healthy Mediterranean dining and fitness suitable for any age or condition.

● The Beauty and Health program combines mud treatments, massages, hydrotherapy and herbal remedies to increase energy, reduce cellulite and promote skin renewal.

● The Weight Loss program gently cleanses the body while establishing healthier eating habits and exercise patterns for sustained weight management.

For those simply wanting to destress, relax and experience Italy’s dolce vita lifestyle, the hotel offers Reconnecting Wellness. In this open-ended wellness experience, guests can pick and choose activities to reduce anxiety and rediscover inner calm.

With its peaceful ambiance, holistic offerings and medical expertise, the Park Hotel ai Cappuccini is an ideal wellness retreat. Immerse yourself in complete wellbeing of body, mind and spirit with a restorative visit.