The key idea behind Mességué’s thinking, is found in the concept that ailments and pathologies are not only problems that need resolving, but rather situations of discomfort that afflict people, and therefore need to be treated through personal and exclusive therapies, with the integration of traditional medicine, when needed. Marc’s strong bond with the uncontaminated nature of Umbria and the virtue of the herbs, are the common threads that transform the collaboration between the Park Hotel ai Cappuccini and Marc Mességué into a unique experience.

In medieval monastery tradition, the study of herbs and their cultivation were traditional activities, necessary for the livelihood of the monastery itself, which due to religious reasons was isolated from society. In every Monastery there was a hortus sanitatis, taken care of by specialized monks, who cultivated medicinal plants used in making medication needed to cure the sick. Centuries later, this ancient knowledge, already used in the Spa at the Park Hotel ai Cappuccini (where alongside Aveda treatments, new active ingredients derived from natural ingredients taken from the recovered hortus sanitatis of the convent have been introduced), and in the Covent Pharmacy, are further integrated into the proposed treatments under the name “Marc Mességué ai Cappuccini”.

This choice represents the willingness to reiterate its now even stronger relationship with the territory and its resources, which absolutely render this holistic approach, by Park Hotel ai Cappuccini, one of a kind.