Marc Mességué Methods

Integration between phytotherapy, physical therapy, diet and beauty

“Marc Mességué ai Cappuccini” of Gubbio is a place where phytotherapy and allopathic medicine blend together with alimentary education and physical therapy. This is intended for anyone who is overweight, has high blood pressure, glico-lipidic alterations of metabolism, liver or intestinal disorders, circulation problems, or anyone who simply wants to get into shape and obtain mental and physical wellbeing, without medicine. Our patients are under strict specialistic and continuous medical control, starting with: cardiological controls and laboratory testing (haematological-haematochemical) and bio-impedenziometric controls, which are necessary to gain access to the cures. Herbal teas, decoctions, micronized herb capsules, and liquid extracts, are the main elements of a therapy cycle. During these cycles, we care for our patients by establishing, for every phytotherapy recipe, nutritional regimens, medical controls and personalized physical therapy programs. All medicinal and aromatic plants used undergo chemical and biological analysis in order to ensure the absence of chemical additives and pesticides: they all have the L.M.R.  label (Maximum limit of Residues) that certifies the limit of contaminants present.

Whoever turns to “Marc Mességué ai Cappuccini”, is followed by a precise physical therapy program: support for dietary regimens and corrective actions, further used as Occupational Therapy in order to fill patients days with constant relaxation. Therapeutic hand and foot baths are scheduled daily, as well as herbal inhalations. An entire hour per day is dedicated to manual lymphatic drainage or to connective tissue massage, or massage together with chemical-physical peeling, according to individual need. Another daily hour is dedicated to magnesium and potassium hydromassage, or to salt baths, and another hour for physical therapy in the gym, as well as to physiotherapy exercises in water, and one to group walks. A large variety of therapy and beauty treatments can pleasantly finish off our guests’ days. Whoever undergoes treatment at “Marc Mességué ai Cappuccini”, is furthermore followed by a precise dietary program based on natural medicinal alimentary principles, adaptable to individual tastes.

We propose three dietary programs keeping in mind the main needs of the organism:

  • Sodium-free, low-fat, low-sugar, low –calorie diet:  3 meals per day with an average of 900/1000 Kcal in total;
  • Low-salt, low-fat, normo-caloric diet:  4 meals per day with an average of 1500/1600 Kcal in total.
  • Balanced recovery diet: 4 meals per day with an average of 2800 Kcal in total.

All diet plans are tailored to the tastes and/or alimentary intolerances of each single patient, and are non the less studied to provide, even in the case of the strictest weight loss diet, the necessary minimum intake of proteins, vitamins, mineral salts and carbohydrates.