Who is Marc Mességué

Marc Mességué, French born but Umbrian by choice, boasts a long history of experience in the field of phytotherapy and herbal medicine, which are true family traditions. He has been committed to raising awareness for the importance of diet in order to better the quality of life, by restoring the natural and harmonious mental-physical balance. It was he who created the revolutionary diet, One Day Light, which allows one to find their natural form, thanks to only one day of diet per week. Continuous research and study bring him to always peruse new paths aimed at integrating wise ancient practices of natural medicine with modern therapies.

Passionate research, constant study, and tenacity in perusing and idea, have made the Mességué name a reference point in all the world for all that is natural. This is the precious legacy left behind by my father, the greatest gift he has given us: his name, the very name that we, his children, carry on and my children as well, a name that Maurice Mességué honored throughout his professional life, which we try to honor by trying to better the quality of life” (Marc Mességué).