Water park “Parco Acque”

The Cappuccini Wellness & Spa Water Park is made up of two areas. The first is a 350 m2 open access space, called Acque Emozionali. This space holds a swimming pool with lanes for swimming, a children’s pool, countercurrent swimming, and hydromassage area with a temperature of 28/29°C.

The second space is more intimate and private, The Hydromassage Room, which features a circular hydromassage, an ark shaped hydromassage that uses magnesium and potassium enriched water and a thalassic tub.

Designed by the architect Simone Micheli, the Water Park is the result of not only a refined aesthetic quest, but also and especially a design path directed towards creating an environment that makes your wellness stay unique and incomparable.

Once entered into the Water Park you find yourself in the first wellness area, Acque Emozionali (Emotional Waters) , where a matrix of fluid shapes of water is wonderfully enhanced by the bright and playful interior, typical of Micheli.

In fact, the playful enterprising theme permeates every element of this location dedicated to the magnification of the relationship between man and water, transforming it into a true “symbolic work”. This same nature is found in the most intimate area of the Water Park, in which hydromassage and thalassic therapy are not only synonyms of body wellness, but also a fluid philosophy for the soul.