Marc Mességué

Unique location in Italy.
Such a collaboration with the famous Phytotherapist and Herbalist, Marc Mességué, son of the great, Maurice Mességué (a pioneer of Phytotherapy), was born out of the pursuit of wellness and a privileged relationship with nature. This collaboration is destined to further enrich what the Cappuccini Wellness & Spa has to offer.

It is a revolutionary, yet age old, philosophy of wellness, in which the research and use of herbs and healthy diet are integrated into medicine, phytotherapy and beauty. The guests of the Park Hotel ai Cappuccini, can count on the constant presence of Marc Mességué and his longtime entourage, lead by Dr. P. Roberto Merani, and of his daily monitoring of the progress of the  “tailor made” treatments, which respect the uniqueness of each person. They are based on both physical and mental detoxification, in order to get into the best shape possible.