Wir sind bereit, Sie sicher zu empfangen, indem wir ein spezielles Covid-19-Protokoll auf der Grundlage der nationalen Richtlinien annehmen, das Folgendes vorsieht: soziale Distanzierung, die durch die großzügigen Innen- und Außenbereiche gefördert wird, obligatorische Verwendung der Gesichtsmaske in den öffentlichen Bereichen, Desinfektionsgel steht den Gästen zur Verfügung, gründliche Reinigung, Desinfektion mit geeigneten und zertifizierten Produkten, Wasserstoffperoxidvernebelung in den Zimmern und öffentlichen Bereichen usw.

Covid-Basiszertifikat für den Zugang zum Hotel vom 6. Dezember 2021 bis zum 15. Januar 2022 erforderlich. Das verstärkte Covid-Zertifikat ist für den Zugang zum Cappuccini Wellness & Spa (Hallenbad, Fitnessraum und Spa) vom 01/04/2022 bis zum 30/04/2022.

Wir erwarten Sie in Gubbio, im Herzen Umbriens, für einen unvergesslichen Urlaub im Zeichen der Natur, der Kunst und des Charmes der kleinen Kunststädte, wo dieses wunderbare Land in seiner unberührten Umgebung mit geringer Bevölkerungsdichte sicher viele Freizeitaktivitäten bieten kann.


We care about your and our health. Listed below, you will find, in summary, the measures we have taken to
make safe your nest stay with us.

General COVID-19 prevention measures

General measures to prevent and contain contagion are essential, indispensable and founding factors of the company’s COVID19 Protocol and include:

  • frequently sanitize hands with soap and water and with the products provided
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • always wear a face mask (it must cover both the mouth and the nose)
  • cough or sneeze by covering yourself with a folded arm or a handkerchief, which must be removed immediately
  • always maintain at least 1 meter distance between yourself and other people
  • avoid close contact, handshakes and hugs with other people

Specific COVID-19 prevention measures in use at Park Hotel ai Cappuccini

  • All employees of the Park Hotel ai Cappuccini are subject to covid certificate control (according to the legislation in force) and constantly wear face masks for the duration of their shift with the sole exception of those working in the marketing and administrative offices (closed to the public) who must respect social distancing
  • Before entering the workplace, all employees are subjected, daily, to body temperature control
  • All the guests are subject to covid certificate control (according to the legislation in force) must wear a face mask with the sole exception of their room and sitting at the restaurant/bar/breakfast room
  • All rooms are hygienized both with sanitizing and certified products daily and with hydrogen peroxide nebulized after check-out
  • All rooms and common areas are subject to periodic additional sanitization with hydrogen peroxide nebulized
  • All the aeration characteristics of the rooms and ventilation systems have been checked and all the filter packs of the ventilation and/or air conditioning systems have been sanitized and where necessary replaced
  • Breakfast buffet service is assisted by a waitress with a plexiglass protective shield
  • The lay-out of the breakfast room and the restaurant have been revised to make the best use of the large indoor and outdoor spaces of which the property is equipped and maintain the appropriate distance between people
  • Employees and guests flows have been rethought in order to reduce the number of people entering and leaving the hotel
  • Regulation of the access to the Cappuccini Wellness & Spa by time slots
  • A specific Committee for Covid-19 Protocol has been created within the hotel

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