St Francis’ way

The St Francis’ way is a pilgrimage route which intends to reintroduce the Franciscan experience in the lands that the Little Poor Man walked through on his travels. In its adherence to the story of St Francis, the Way is plausible and charming: the landscapes that the pilgrim will see are the same that brought joy to the simple heart of St Francis. It is one route which leaves from La Verna, goes through Città di Castello, Pietralunga, Gubbio and reaches Assisi (northern way), then it continues to Greccio, walking through Foligno, Trevi, Spoleto, Rieti and Terni (southern way). Pilgrims following in the footsteps of St Francis are special, thus they deserve a peculiar hospitality as well. Park Hotel ai Cappuccini is an ancient monastery cleverly restored, dedicated to San Nicola, which saves several rooms to these pilgrims. From the rooms, bordering the cloister, you can admire the authentic sundial and the ancient cistern of rainwater. In this wing of the building, therefore, you can still breathe the pure monastic atmosphere. Walls are thick, plasters limed and the conventual furniture built out of walnut. Blankets are wovens of Casentino cloth and fine wool felt by Arezzian shepherds. Because of a small bookcase, the guests can consult different books about the territory and the Franciscan presence in and around the city of Gubbio.

The “monasticum” rooms, located in the fascinating and antique part of the old monastery, are available at a special price, tour guide and also transfer with personalized itinerary on request.


Route Map