This hall, the ancient refectory of the friars, is surely the most picturesque of the whole congress centre. It is named after the bronze tablets that describe the religious rituals of the ancient Umbrians, dating back to the III-I century B. C. (discovered in 1444 and at present preserved in the Palazzo dei Consoli). It is located on the first floor opposite the cloister of the monastery. This spacehas a ceiling whosearcade and vaults are entirely built by bricks. The small windows in a row preserve the mighty light captured by the magnificent position in which the building lies and , by exalting its Franciscan simplicity, enhances its deep historic and architectural beauty.

Lenght 21 m.
Width 5,25 m.
Height 3,50 m. – Vault height

PAX 82 - Platea - mq. 110

PAX 54 - Scuola - mq. 110

PAX 39 - Ferro di cavallo - mq. 110

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