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Wheelchair User who loved the hotel

“Wheelchair User who loved the hotel”. I am a full time wheelchair user so travelling in Europe is not straightforward (unlike the USA where it is very easy). I also travle a lot and stay in Hotels around 150 nights per year so I have very hgih standards and am not easilly imopressed.
I can honestly say that the Cappuccini Hotel is, in every respect, one of the best I have ever stayed in anywhere in the world. It is also very accessible for anyone in a wheelchair and their handicapped access rooms (that have 2 en sute bathrooms in each of them) are fantastic..
Fom service through to value-for-money (not cheap but excellent) I can honestly say the hotel was faultless.
The staff deserve a special mention; from the director down to the bell boy and from the front desk to the wine waters I have rarely had such good, polite, helpful and discrete service anywhere.
The hotel is just a few minutes from the centre of Gubbio (I will write a review of this wopnderful town later) and for those days when you jsut cant be bothered to leave the idilyc hotel, their restaraunt serves food of the very highest quality

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