Quality policy

The Park Hotel Cappuccini is a modern and prestigious hotel and conference centre, which was born out of a restored and extended ancient convent in Gubbio (PG), situated within a centuries-old park. Still immersed in the peacefulness of the park and surrounded by the ancient gardens of the monks, the structure awakens spiritual sensations in tourists looking for peace and rest, and who want to immerse themselves in local history.

The Park Hotel Cappuccini provides a quality of service superior to that expected by its clients, and required by its classification as a four star hotel, with its discreet and welcoming atmosphere, ample range of services and facilities, which are well within the standards demanded.

The sports and spa facilities, the magnificent park and the excellent cuisine, contribute to the success of every aspect.

To this purposes, The Park Hotel Cappuccini, has decided to develop a quality management system in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Standard , “System of management of quality – requisites”, which is described in the Quality Manual and defined in detail in the hotel Business Procedures.

The quality of the service provided is a direct consequence of the way the company operates, which, in order to succeed, must pursue the following strategies:

  • the quest for customer satisfaction
  • the quest for personnel satisfaction (internal client);
  • the quest for the constant improvement of the services provided and of the efficiency of the related processes;
  • cost reduction of Non Quality areas
  • continuous training of the staff;
  • improving of access to services and information to the user

The above mentioned Policy of Quality is validated by measurable and quantifiable quality objectives, which are pursued and monitored during the Quality System Evaluation Phase periodically carried out by top management.

All the business Directors are responsible for carrying out the Quality System, for transferring knowledge, and for systematically monitoring operations, in such a way as to ensure that all the staff works with adequate competence with regards to the quality of the service and within the operational formalities defined in the established procedures.

All the staff is committed to constant quality improvements in the development of their own jobs, in the outline of the policy and of the business directives.

The Quality System manager, who reports directly to the management, has the direct authority to ensure that the System of Management of Quality is applied and maintained according to the Standard of reference and is entrusted with the job of
reporting to the Management on the state of the Quality System , in such a way as to enable effective control and continuous improvement.